Work Ready Community

In December 2012, the Dan River Region Collaborative convened a conversation of regional stakeholders for the purpose of understanding how best to measure, implement, and reward workforce development standards in the Southern Virginia region. 


The Collaborative solicited feedback from regional stakeholders and its Industry Partnerships to determine what factors were important to the region’s goal of becoming a Work Ready Community.  From a list of nine possible indicators, the top five, in rank order of importance, were:


1.  Industry recognized credentials and certifications.

2.  Soft skill development and credentialing

3.  Postsecondary degree attainment

4.  High school graduation rate

5.  Percent population with a high school credential or equivalent


In an effort to the address this feedback, specifically the first two priority items, the Collaborative has partnered with ACT to become a Certified Work Ready Community (CWRC).  The CWRC is based on ACT’s National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), a stackable credential that forms the basic building block for career pathways built through public-private partnerships between education and industry. The NCRC documents an individual’s foundational workplace skills such as math, reading and locating information – skills required for a majority of today’s jobs.


To learn more about the NCRC, click here.